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Our foundation prepared a public announcement about the attacts of Israel to Palestine people.



As it has in the past, Israel continues to perpetrate violence, oppression and attacks against the defenseless and civilian Palestinian population in Gaza Strip, depriving them of their right to life live and freedom. In front of the eyes of the whole world, disregarding human rights, universal ethical values and international law, Israel is targeting civilians regardless of their ages and genders, and preventing the provision of their basic humanitarian needs. Asserting deceptive excuses to mislead the public opinion, in order to seize their lands, Israel is forcing Palestinian people to leave their homes and lands. Israel is not only threatening the existence and freedom of Palestinians but also jeopardising the independence and future of Palestine.

As a foundation which stands against all forms of violence and oppression, aims to build a fair and equitable world and is always on the side of the innocent and the oppressed, we wholeheartedly believe that all of humanity should build together a shared future based on wisdom, morality and justice.

With this public announcement, we, as the Turkic World, declare our full support for the long-standing, rightful and honorable struggle of the innocent Palestinian people and condemn the ongoing genocide in the strongest terms. The Palestinian people are never alone. We call on the international community to act to stop the bloodshed and bring an end to the attacks on the Palestinian people, and we also hope that it approaches the issue with equality, justice and sincerity.

As a foundation, we present our commitment to the public with respect, that we are ready to undertake all humanitarian duties within the framework of peace instead of war, dialogue instead of conflict, justice instead of double standards, equality instead of hegemony, a fair order instead of exploitation and human rights instead of oppression and domination.

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